Wednesday, 5 June 2013

wishing, wanting #1

1_I'm not normally an ice-cream kinda' gal, I'll take it or leave it. Alas, with the heavenly ice-cream friendly weather we've been having here in the UK recently (praise the Lord) I've been craving a big bowl of Pistachio flavour. I found this recipe on my virtual recipe book, pinterest - looks what dreams are made of.

2_With my holiday slowly creeping up on me, I'm steadily compiling a little capsule wardrobe to take away with me. I vow to pack lightly this year, it will help that me and Matt are sharing a suitcase (God help him). With that said, I'm after a pair of cowboy boots. Not so weather appropriate as we're headed to Barcelona and Ibiza, but hey! I think they'll look cute. These are old season free people - woe is me. If anyone knows where I can get a dupe for these, please enlighten me?

3_This Swedish cabin represents my romantic idea of camping, this might now make the fact that I have never actually camped properly quite apparent. I'd love to escape here for a long weekend. It's even decorated beautifully inside, take a look.

What are you guys wishing and wanting? I'd love to know...



  1. The cabin looks amazing, perfect place for a romantic escape. The boots are pretty perfect too! xx

  2. oh I'm literally obsessed with ice cream!:) and I wish to spend holidays in Italy :)

  3. Love everything. I think it would be so fun to stay in a cabin like that - so cute! :) x

  4. Oh wow, the pistachio ice cream looks incredible. Gorgeous Swedish cabin too, so quaint x

  5. That little cabin looks so cute & lovely! x

    Holly |