Friday, 21 June 2013

wishing, wanting #2

1_I've been wanting to update mine and Matts bedroom for a while now, it seems like since we've moved into the new flat it's the only room that hasn't had much attention - It just feels like a room. Naturally, I go to my good friend pinterest to seek some inspiration. I found this beautifully simple bedroom, I adore the mix of all white and wooden floors. Most of all, I love the prints, they don't look over styled or contrived, just perfect. Have a nosey around the rest of the house here.

2_MGMT have been one of my favourite bands for years, I think I first heard them on Gossip Girl or something. They never fail to get me ready for summer, I love their fluro native American hippie vibe. I've had them on repeat all week, wishing and hoping I get to see them live.

3_This wouldn't be a lusty post without some sort of sweet treat. S'mores aren't really a "thing" here in the UK (don't ask me why, they are incredible) but I've been craving their deliciousness. For all you S'more virgins out there, they're a mixture of biscuit, marshmallow and chocolate melted over a camp fire. Take a look at the recipe for these here and go wow yourselves!

What are you guys wishing and wanting for this week?



  1. love MGMT.

    - Janine

  2. Oh wow I need to try S'mores!! x

  3. got you on twitter.

    My gf was on about S'mores on holiday, you do hear about them more in America. Need to get trying them.

  4. that bed and it's surroundings is unreal. like so dreamy