Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tag | 6 things in my home

1_I put together this make shift magazine table for our lamp when we first moved in, I never intended for it to stay like this no longer than a week or so, but I started to love the way it looked and never changed it. So, if you're a serial magazine hoarder like me it's a great way to use those magazines you know you'll never read again, but can't bear to throw away.

2_This is our living room windowsill, here sits my new typography book, a ship in a bottle and a photo of a Boxer dog that neither of us know. I'll care to explain - Matt has always said to me that he'd love a Boxer dog. I was rummaging around a charity shop one after and found this rather strange portrait of a very large and proud Boxer, I couldn't help but buy it for him. I think it was 50p, a definite "buy your boyfriend a shit present day".

3_A peak into my odds and sods basket, I keep a lot of the things I use daily, but don't want lying around the house. So, brown paper for wrapping ebay sales, pens, bits of Uni work and magazines.

4_Food of the Gods - Marmite! This is an absolute diet staple in our household, we couldn't go without it. This gold fancy bottle is a limited edition, the actual Marmite has gold glitter in, perfection.

5_When we have people over I pull out this vintage coffee bean bag cushion, when it's not being used it looks just as lovely pushed up against the wall. It's a great accessory for the flat, but also really practical, I think this is the key to decorating a small flat, buy things that have multiple uses.

6_I've been told many times that this little boat/guy is the star of an old kids t.v show, I personally can't remember, so I'm thinking it must have belonged to my older brother. It was hidden away in the car boot stash, I'm obsessed with anything nautical so naturally I snook him out and kept him on the kitchen windowsill.

I'd love to know if you've done this tag, leave the link to your post bellow if so!



  1. Wow I love your home! So cute and classic. I especially love that bag!

  2. awesome photos. totally doing this tag!

    - Janine

  3. That magazine table idea is genius! I'm such a magazine hoarder as well, it pains me to even think about throwing them away but now i have a use for them!

    Little Blue Backpack 

    1. So simple and easy to do, will take you 5 minutes!


  4. I love the lamp on top of all the magazines! I also really like how natural everything is.
    I'll definitely do my own post so will let you know when I have!

    Hannah x