Saturday, 29 June 2013

barcelona > ibiza

Images via Pinterest/Edited by myself

Hola, Amigos. Tomorrow I'm flying to the wonderful Spanish city of Barcelona, then ending the week in the Balearic Islands, relaxing (yeah?) in Ibiza. As my usual self, I have absolutely nothing packed, nothing more than a creased pile of holiday clobber on my bedroom floor - I'm not much of an ironer anyways, it is a holiday after all.

I thought I'd sign on to see if any of you have any recommendations/tips/stories of past trips you've been on to Barcelona or Ibiza. Would love to know of any restaurants, bars, shops, markets, touristy things or anything you'd recommend?

Catch up with you in a week or so - Happy holidays!



  1. have a nice time mate, sounds sweet

  2. have an awesome time!

    - Janine

  3. I've been to Barcelona once. It's a city you must explore by foot. To find vintage/small designer shops, you must wander through the little streets that are in between the big ones. The gothic quarter is beautiful and you must walk through the streets there!

  4. Hope you've had/are having an amazing time! My boyfriend & I are planning on going to Barcelona early next year, so would love to see a recommendations post from you having been :) xx