Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cheese and broccoli bites | How to...

I mentioned a while back that I've been trying to get a little more healthy ready for my summer holiday, which has been going OK until I was tempted into buying a bar of the new Cadbury's marvellous creations chocolate - I've been craving it ever since. So to kick my sweet cravings I had a browse on pinterest to find a simple healthy recipes to fill in for my chocolate snacking habit. Take a look at what I made...

What you'll need:

3 large eggs
2 handfuls of grated cheese 
Bread crumbs, I used 3 slices of bread
1 cup of broccoli 
Herbs/Spice of your choice (optional)

There really isn't much technique to this recipe - just throw all the ingredients into a bowl and make sure it's mixed up evenly. Next, separate the mixture into little balls and place onto a greased tray. I sprinkled a little bit of hot spice on the top of each ball to finish off as my boyfriends a spice merchant, but this is completely optional. All you need to do now is place them into a preheated oven at around 190c for 15 minutes, then flip each little ball over and cook for another 10 minutes. 

... And voila! I love finding recipes that I don't have to run out to the shops to pick up ingredients for, I generally have frozen broccoli in my fridge and the rest are staples in my kitchen. This one's also a great way to use up leftover vegetables from your Sunday lunch or dinner in the week and remember you don't just have to use broccoli, the kitchen is your oyster!

What have you guys been cooking recently? Let me know if you try this out too...


  1. These look so delicious! I'm definitely going to try making this as they look so easy. I've just been making cakes recently haha so need to start making things like this instead!

    Hannah x

    1. They are really yummy & so, so easy! Haha, I'd love to be making cakes cake & cookies, but that would not do anything for my non-existant holiday diet. There's so many lovely recipes out there!


  2. These look delicious, I'm definitely going to give them a try one day. Winning combination of cheese and broccoli! I'm trying to eat more healthily and with newer recipes, always nice when I have time xxx

  3. wwow they look so good, cheese and brocoli are my favourite things! love your blog x

  4. These look so good, and I love broccoli so I'm definitely going to be trying these out!
    I really love your blog by the way, everything is so cute.

    silvert0ne xoxo

  5. Oh my, these look absolutely scrumptious!!!!!
    Definitely want to make these soon!
    xo TJ

  6. gosh, I'm always like "why doesn't internet come with a scent-device"? These are that mixture of healthy enough not to feel too guilty (broccoli) & absolutely delish
    ╰☆╮MlleWanderlust ✡

  7. I don't even like broccoli but these look delicious! Well done you for trying to be healthy - I'm definitely guilty of picking up the chocolate far too often. Would love to see your doodles :) xx

  8. These look scrummy!
    Definitely going to try this recipe out

  9. lovely blog - just followed on bloglovin :)

    - Janine