Friday, 19 July 2013

wishing, wanting #4

1_I have a confession - I Harriet am a penutbutteraholic. On average I'm getting through a jar a week, is that bad? I'm completely addicted, I get excited when I go to bed, that in a few hours I can have my beloved peanuty goodness on toast... This just got weird. I found this delightful recipe on Averie Cooks  where she offers a variety of flavoured peanut butter options with beautiful photography to accompany - chocolate, cinnamon, cookie... it's just all getting too much.

2_Unusal design has always interested me, especially different takes on the classics. I love these interpretations of a old school American lunch bag, so simple yet so cool - Pieces like this always make me think "darn, why didn't I think of that?". These gorgeous bags come from a online shop named ADAISM, they come in lots of neutral, subtle colours and textures for a rather hefty price. A girl can dream.

3_Anyone that follows me on Pinterest will know that I'm always pinning, non stop. I've become a little tiny bit obsessed with my packaging board, which also seems to be my most popular. I adore finding quirky photos to share with my followers, but also love the simplistic designs like this bread/menu combo to inspire me.

What are you guys wanting and wishing for?


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Après holiday foot spa...

Pre holiday pampering before jetting of on holiday is always a must - whether it's painting your toes or waxing your legs, it's all in aid to feel ultra special and beach ready on your trip. Although, I always find I need the pampering after the holiday - sore feet from too much walking (dancing) and dry skin from basking in the sunshine, here's how to have a luxurious at home après holiday foot spa...

You'll need a towel, a big bowl full of hot water (it's best to go hotter and let it cool) and some sort of foot soak. The one used in the pictures is a foot fizz, but obviously substitute it for something you have, maybe a bubble bath, an essential oil, it doesn't matter as long it's soothing and smells nice!

You can add lavender and petals to get some natural ingredients in the mix or too make it look super pretty. Me and my mum both had one sat out in our back garden in the sunshine at the weekend, so soothing and luxurious for something so simple.

What do you guys do to pamper yourselves? I'd love to know...


Saturday, 13 July 2013


I've been back from my Spanish trip for almost a week now, sadly sporting a rotten cold and ears that don't want to unblock from the plane landing. Get the moaning out the way - I had a fabulous time. Barcelona was everything I thought it was going to be, a city full of rich orange toned streets, full of character and charm, table tops spread with tapas and huge bowls of fresh seafood paella.
At the top of my Barcelona to-do-list was to visit the Gaudi Cathedral and park, as an art student he's always cropped up in my studies so to actually see his designs there right in front of me was mind blowing. The Cathedral was like nothing I have seen before, fascinating, etherial, it didn't almost look real. I still can't get my head around the fact that it's not going to be finished for another 30 years, this just gives credit to it's intricacy and stature.

A little snippet of our trip. I found it so hard narrowing down photos to show you all, without it getting a bit over kill, yes we know you've been on holiday kinda' thing. We did just cram so much into the short time we had there, with a visit to the cities humongous zoo (where I fell in love with a baby chimp) and took a cable care up to a mountain where the view of Barcelona was incredible. Like I said in my previous post, we spent four nights in Barcelona, then went on to Ibiza for another four nights. I haven't even started on the Ibiza photos, but I'll be sure to share some with you, as I was so pleasantly surprised by the notorious reputation of the island. 

Hope you guys have all had a lovely week, let me know your thoughts on Barcelona and trips you've been on this summer... I'd love to know.