Sunday, 26 May 2013

Saturday morning at the reclamation yard...

My mum and dad have been raving about Wye Valley Reclamation for a couple of weeks, they'd bought a few bought a few bits for the house and had been wanting to take me the next time I was home. We took a trip across yesterday morning for a mooch around, I thought you guys might be interested in some of the pieces they had there. Take a look...

The actual site is huge, you can meander through little sheds filled with homey trinkets like home made soaps and hand printed tea towels. My favourite part is the big yard filled with all the reclaimed goods, from the coolest enamel signs to old school lockers and desks. You really could spend hours in here, especially if you're after something unique or a quirky item to fix up into something else. 

Hope you're all having a brilliant bank holiday weekend... The sun is shining. Hallelujah!




  1. This looks like the most amazing place to dig for treasures! Love all the old signs, and wood pieces.

  2. This looks like so much fun!

    p.s. I'm hosting an OASAP giveaway on my blog!

  3. i've never actually been to a reclamation yard before but i love the idea of them, i researched into them quite thoroughly when i was at uni. seems more popular in america, with all the old advertising stuff. nice work!

  4. wow wow wow, i'm dying to find one of these places near me. looks like a great place to find some amazing pieces!!