Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Presenting flowers in a tea towel

Now summer is finally approaching, the sunshines bringing parties and BBQ's. I always think it's a sweet gesture to take the host a token gift. Here's a simple and affordable way of presenting a bunch of flowers for your party host, all you need is a tea towel and some fresh blooms.

You can pick up a traditional tea towel like this in most home stores for pounds - it's nice to go for a classic colour and print that will compliment your flowers and be in keeping with the rustic theme. As for the lovely flowers, these were bought from Aldi, putting two bunches together bulks them out a little making them seem more expensive than they are.

To fasten up your flowers loop some twine around the middle of the tea towel and tie with a knot. You can add a large brown label with a stamped message to your gift to add a personal touch suited to the occasion.

I think this makes such a lovely gift for someone - obviously it doesn't have to be a gesture for a host, it would make a great house warming present or for a cooking fanatics birthday. Adapt as you please...

Have you got any unusual ways of presenting flowers? Let me know if you try this and definitely send me a photo, I'd love to see them...



  1. That's such a lovely idea!

    Hannah x


  2. such a great idea!! love it, I should do this for someone:)

    1. Definitely try it & let me know how it goes :) x

  3. So pretty! I would love to receive flowers like this! It's such a simple and sweet touch.