Thursday, 18 April 2013

Take a peak inside Llewelyn & Company | Hay-on-Wye

A couple of weekends ago I visited the quaint little Welsh town Hay-On-Wye. Many of you might know Hay for it's world famous book festival that's held every year. I've grown up visiting the town with my parents - memories of having giant bowls of homemade soup at The Granary and itching to have a look in the bear shop fill me with fondness. Add a few years on, I'm now itching to browse in the wacky antique shops and the unique independent stores.

One of my favourite shops is located in the centre, it's painted a dreamy duck egg blue and goes by the name Llewelyn & Co. The store is beautifully merchandised with antique French, Scandinavian and British furniture, filled with cute trinkets and home wares that you cant help but want to take home with you. The lovely owners so kindly let me take photos in their shop to show you guys. So enjoy taking a peak...

I could easily list about fifty things I'd like from these photos, everything is so cleverly and beautifully presented and even if you're not looking to buy anything, it's such an inspiring shop to browse around for quirky ideas and tips. 

Llewelyn & Co have a lovely website where they sell some truly amazing pieces, so definitely have a look here and if you're around the area take a look inside the shop, the owners are really sweet and humble, it really is just a lovely experience in which you undoubtably won't come out empty handed!

Have you ever been to Hay? and let me know if you've looked on their website, I'd love to know...



  1. Wow, this store looks lovely. Would love to visit here and Wales again one day. Hope you enjoyed your holiday x

  2. What an enchanting little antique shop! These are my favorites kinds of places to go. I just clicked through the link and spent the last 10 minutes perusing their site :-)

  3. thanks for the little poke about! looks like serious fun. if only i didn't live in an earthquake zone, i'd have masses of those french jars.

  4. i've never actually heard of this town, you learn something new everyday. looks like a nice place full of nick nacks. What's the menswear project you're working on? If you need any help just ask.