Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring essentials...

Spring is a little absent here in the UK, however I'm still stocking up on bits and pieces for when it decides to arrive. Here's a few of my favourites...

This is possibly my favourite candle of all time and shock horror it's lavender. I bought it last spring and completely fell in love with the musky floral scent, luckily I got given another for Christmas so am saving it for a warm spring day. I'll leave the link here to the Voluspa website, where you can buy one of these, they have lots of different sizes and packaging to suit your taste. I personally love this pretty jar, it'll make a perfect make up brush holder when it's fully burnt too...

Moroccan oil for me is an essential all year round, but especially in the spring as the weather heats up. This gorgeous bottle of pure Moroccan oil was brought back from the place itself by my parents. I use mine mainly on the ends of my hair when it's getting a little dry and also to dose my cuticles when I'm having a home mani. It's super nourishing and leaves wherever you apply it feeling like cashmere. You don't have to trek all the way to Morocco to get your hands on some, you can easily pick it up on the high street.

It's nice to switch to a fresher fragrance for the spring and summer, my go to is Diptyques Do Son. I can't tell you enough how much I love this scent, it's so subtle, elegant and refreshing with a lovely mix of floral and beachy tones. Spot on for this season. Have a nosey on the Diptyque website here, it's super luxurious and makes me want to buy them all!

No spring essentials list is complete without a nail polish, right? This pretty off peppermint shade is from Primark, it caught my eye and was cheap as chips, so I thought I'd give it a go. I have only got good things to say about this polish, it goes on perfectly with 2 coats and leaves the loveliest spring time shade on your nails for a good 4 - 5 days with minimal chipping. If you're a bit of an ESSIE freak like me, this polish is a definite dupe for "mint candy apple" but a smidge of the price. 

Like any true Brit I'm a tea addict, I go through bags like there's no tomorrow. I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment though and find tea quite heavy with all the milk I add, so as an alternative I've been sipping on this Lemon, Ginger and Ginseng tea from Marks and Spencers. I'm not a huge flavoured tea fan, but this is an exception and perfect for the warmer weather. It's super soothing, relaxing and a little bit zesty. Can I also add, how adorable is the packaging! 

What are your spring essentials? Id love to know...



  1. that herbal-y mix sounds interesting! and ya i know what you mean.. i go through tea bags so quickly too
    i love all 3 ingredients but never tried having them all mixed into 1 drink... thanks for recommending it!

    rachel x

  2. i'd recommend clippers 3 ginger tea, not keen on the lemon in the usual lemon and ginger so this is a nice alternative

  3. I'm a tea addict too! It's actually hard for me to keep boxes in the house b/c I go through them rather quickly. That lemon, ginger, ginseng infusion sounds delicious!

  4. Love all of these things. I'm going to Morocco in June so I might just pick up some oil when i'm there haha. The tea looks so good, might have to pick some of that up!

    Hannah from