Monday, 12 November 2012

Retro tea set...

More often that not I'll get a text from my mum with a charity shop update - The message will usually consist of a simple "what do you think of this?" followed by an attached snap. One of her most recent finds was this retro tea set including a tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl, all for the grand total of £5... Now this may not be everyone's cup of tea (no pun intended!) but I certainly love it.
With a lot of gaudy or kitsch pieces that you can find in charity shops, it's only a case of taking them away from the dusty shelves and re-homing them in a modern kitchen to obtain the contemporary meets retro look.

The kind of Woodstock'esk 70's print is one of those things, that's so wrong, it makes it right - But when you pare the set back and place it against bright white, the pieces do start to look slick and very cool.

I really love mixing rustic, with kitsch but then also keeping it really clean and modern at the same time, pieces like this are really brilliant for recreating this look as they tie the individual themes together.

Have you guys found any cool second hand pieces recently? I'd love to know...

Harri xxx


  1. I love it completely. The brown is very cool - and photographed beautifully!

  2. This is the cutest thing!

  3. I love coffee & every time I see cute photos of coffee beans I get happy. You did a lovely job at displaying these photos. btw, your ring is very cute too. Thank you for following my blog, I am happily following yours.
    Abi K

  4. I love your pictures !
    Nice blog :)