Tuesday, 20 August 2013

nightclubs and donkeys...

After starting my new job almost a month ago, I've been spending my weekends at work, it's part of the parcel when working in retail and it's made me really appreciate the Saturday's and Sunday's when I do have them off - like the weekend just passed. I came home to celebrate one of my best friends 21st birthdays in a true Hereford fashion aka. cheap wine and a visit to the local nightclub.

Feeling a little delicate the next day, I joined my parents and took a stroll across the village to a neighbours house as they were hosting a "donkey tea"- I bet you're thinking "what the bloody hell...". It was all in aid of getting their pet donkeys socialised and an excuse for a little get together for everyone in the village, as it really doesn't happen very often.

The donkey's themselves are gorgeous, so calm and cuddly - I'd love one myself. Both of the lovely animals were rescued and now live a luxurious life in the countryside, after chatting to a lady at the tea she described their home as the "Rolls Royce of Donkey living", acres of land and a roomy shelter for them to sleep in.

A lovely weekend all in all, I'm now preparing myself ready for 4 days of blood, sweat and tears as I'm heading to Reading Festival on Thursday. Wish me luck!




  1. Sounds like the most glorious weekend - a boozy night with friends followed by a neighborhood gathering and donkeys! I'm envious of the donkey cuddles, they look so sweet. The gingerbread donkeys look pretty good too. I hope you have a fab time at Reading xx

  2. The donkeys are beauts and very lucky dudes, glad people are out there doing that. Hope the new job is working out well.

  3. that is so fun! I love hearing random facts about cultures. hope the job is going great!!

  4. Love those donkey biscuits! Hope you had a great time at Reading. x

  5. Your neighbors host donkey tea?? This is adorable! Loved the pictures, I wish I could join, too!

  6. those are THE cutest donkey cookies, and i want to make some RIGHT NOW. except, maybe deer instead of donkeys would be cuter..?

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