Friday, 19 July 2013

wishing, wanting #4

1_I have a confession - I Harriet am a penutbutteraholic. On average I'm getting through a jar a week, is that bad? I'm completely addicted, I get excited when I go to bed, that in a few hours I can have my beloved peanuty goodness on toast... This just got weird. I found this delightful recipe on Averie Cooks  where she offers a variety of flavoured peanut butter options with beautiful photography to accompany - chocolate, cinnamon, cookie... it's just all getting too much.

2_Unusal design has always interested me, especially different takes on the classics. I love these interpretations of a old school American lunch bag, so simple yet so cool - Pieces like this always make me think "darn, why didn't I think of that?". These gorgeous bags come from a online shop named ADAISM, they come in lots of neutral, subtle colours and textures for a rather hefty price. A girl can dream.

3_Anyone that follows me on Pinterest will know that I'm always pinning, non stop. I've become a little tiny bit obsessed with my packaging board, which also seems to be my most popular. I adore finding quirky photos to share with my followers, but also love the simplistic designs like this bread/menu combo to inspire me.

What are you guys wanting and wishing for?



  1. I love the packaging design - the water can is pretty awesome too :) I've just followed you, I'm a bit of a Pinterest addict too xx

  2. I love your packaging board, though I reckon you may have noticed from all the re-pinning I've been doing. Got obsessed when I was at uni and it's never gone away really.

    Oh yes and PB too, I love the stuff, always got a jar in. I usually have it on toast before I go to bed and I look forward to it all day loooong.

  3. peanut butter. too good.

    - Janine

  4. Making your own peanut butter sounds fun! And those lunch bag bags, oh gosh! Amazing!

  5. I just laughed so much that I started crying hahah I even read your point 1 to Ben out loud through tears because it's so much like me! When I go to bed I get excited about breakfast in a few hours, too, and I imagine what I'd make!! haha awesome and super cute that there is someone else like me on this planet))) you made my evening.

  6. i am now following you on pinterest and am super excited to look through your boards!