Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Après holiday foot spa...

Pre holiday pampering before jetting of on holiday is always a must - whether it's painting your toes or waxing your legs, it's all in aid to feel ultra special and beach ready on your trip. Although, I always find I need the pampering after the holiday - sore feet from too much walking (dancing) and dry skin from basking in the sunshine, here's how to have a luxurious at home après holiday foot spa...

You'll need a towel, a big bowl full of hot water (it's best to go hotter and let it cool) and some sort of foot soak. The one used in the pictures is a foot fizz, but obviously substitute it for something you have, maybe a bubble bath, an essential oil, it doesn't matter as long it's soothing and smells nice!

You can add lavender and petals to get some natural ingredients in the mix or too make it look super pretty. Me and my mum both had one sat out in our back garden in the sunshine at the weekend, so soothing and luxurious for something so simple.

What do you guys do to pamper yourselves? I'd love to know...



  1. Oh this is such a nice idea :) And such a gorgeous bowl too!

  2. lovely idea. going to do this soon.

    - Janine

  3. I could do with a bit of that action with all the walking I do

  4. Gorgeous photos! I would never have thought to put lavender and petals in a foot spa.

    Hannah x

  5. You have such beautiful photos on your blog! This is very different from typical 'pamper' post that I've stumbled upon. I love it!