Friday, 22 March 2013

An easter gift idea...

With Easter weekend just over a week away I thought I'd share with you a little idea for an alternative gift for the celebrations. This gift idea makes for a great token gesture if your going over to someones house for Easter or if you want to give a friend or family member something other than a great big calorific chocolate egg. Take a look...

I picked up this clippy jar from IKEA - they're super cheap, getting slightly more expensive depending on size, so pick a size that suits what you'd like to put in it. To go inside the jar I found these crafting tapes at The Range and thought they'd make a perfect little gift for Easter, as they're pretty and fun to play around with. I especially love the travel themed set, will definitely be popping back to get some for myself.

To add a sprinkle of Easter I picked up these colourful mini eggs from the supermarket, they were really affordable and make the perfect base to place the crafting tapes on top padding the gift out a bit and making it a little more festive.

After you've added all your goodies seal the jar up then add a tag to write a message on and you're good to go. So, just a really simple idea that can be adapted to any occasion, just switch up what's inside. 

What are you guys doing for Easter? Do you have any gift ideas? I'd love to know...



  1. This is a really cute idea ... great for crafty souls ... thanks for commenting earlier on my washi tape creation :)... Bee xx

  2. This is a lovely idea :) xx

  3. That's really nice. I like using the Ikea clip jars or kilner jars for giving people homemade sweets etc. I keep seeing washi tape in blogland at the moment, it looks like great stuff!
    M xxx

  4. what a simple but very sweet idea. i could see myself doing this for hollie. re your question on the japanese toys, i really can't remember the name of them sorry

  5. This is such a cute idea! Thank you for sharing :) xx

  6. What a cute idea! Think this would make a lovely gift :) Thanks for sharing! xo