Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I've been shopping #8

I thought I'd share with you some bits and pieces I picked up last weekend whilst I was home, it's kind of a mash-up of vintage, high street, home wear and beauty. Enjoy...

There are some really great charity shops in my home town, so whenever I'm back I always take the opportunity to have a browse. This black and cream blazer was hung ever so limply on the end of one of the rails, it was one of those items I had to try on to fall in love with and it happened. It fits perfectly, just ever so slightly over sized - Just the way I like it.

After I bought the jacket, it occurred to me that I own no casual, throw on dresses (why does this always happen!?) So I tootled on to Topshop and came across this adorable denim pinafore. It was just what I was after, something to throw over blouses, T-Shirts and jumpers.

One of the main reasons I actually went shopping was to get some more storage, more specifically "boyfriend friendly storage" i.e. No lid. I headed straight to TK Maxx, as they always seem to have unusual storagey type bits for reasonable prices. I picked up this hessian sack style basket - it's really great quality and looks super tucked in the corner of my bedroom.

A shopping trip, wouldn't be a shopping trip without me picking up a nail polish. I'm a bit of an ESSIE addict, but unfortunately they didn't have the limey green shade I was after, so I headed over to Bourjois and found this one. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I thought I'd give it a try.

Have you guys bought anything interesting recently? I'd loved to know...




  1. ah i love that pinafore will look so cute over a shirt :) ox

  2. Love your coat, gorgeous buys x

  3. I love your hessian sack storage basket - I love rummaging through TK Maxx homewares to find the best bits xx

  4. that blazer is ace, i picked up a really similar jaeger one in a charity shop recently! xx

  5. That pinafore is lovely! xx

  6. Wow, LOVE ur coat!
    Have a nice day.


  7. SO jealous of the black and white blazer! I think Topshop have something similar for probably about 3x the price x

    1. Yeah I saw it straight after I had bought this one, it was definitely around the £70 mark!


  8. Ahhh the blazer is so nice, Just came across your blog and I really love it!


  9. Aw, it's true! I love ending a shopping trip with new nail polish! Love this ;)
    xo TJ

  10. top finds, i love tkmaxx for stuff like that. no need to pay for whack

  11. TK Maxx are the best for storage stuff! Lovely jacket, great charity shop find!

    Sita xx

  12. Very good purchases! I love the sack storage and the charity shop finds :)

    Love Tweet xx

  13. LOVE the coat and the dress! Shopping can be so much fun, cant it?! ..Mainly when it's successful :P

  14. That blazer is gorgeous and I love the colour of the nail polish. Amazing style!