Monday, 7 January 2013

Help a girl out?

I tend to keep my University and Blog life pretty separate, but it's come to a point where I could do with some of your help.. In fact all of your help. I'm currently working on a conceptual retail experience project based around the theme of Scandinavian design, and I need a little bit of primary research. This is where you lovely lot come in. If you could ever so kindly fill in a questionnaire for me, I'll leave the link here I will be ever so, ridiculously happy.

Thank you

Harri xxx

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  1. Completed it! Hope it helps and that I filled it out correctly! Good luck with the project lovely xx

  2. just filled it out for you! interesting questions! good luck with the project! :)

  3. I completed it too :) good luck with your project x

  4. Just filled out your survey - hope it goes well!

  5. Thank you everyone, you're so lovely for doing it! x

  6. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I just found your page and I'm proud to be your newest follower! I filled out the survey for you! Hope you're having a happy new year!

    1. Thats no problem :) Thank you so much! x

  7. Filled it out and thanks for your visit and sweet comment on my blog :)

  8. Your blog is very cute! Just filled out the survey too :)

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Joyce xxx
    Come and visit my blog :) New blog post!
    Sunshine & Rain

  9. Will check it out! (Also...that picture....LOVE!)

    Lela -