Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Perfume bottle candle stick holder

What is it about women and not wanting to throw away empty perfume bottles? I for one am a guilty party when it comes to this. I have countless pretty glass bottles with the last drizzles of the scent lingering at the bottom. From my first Britney Spears fragrance to a luxurious Bvlgari eu de toilette, I just can't get rid of them.
I thought I'd show you how my mum simply transformed her empty Chanel bottle into a sophisticated candle stick holder. Take a look.

All you need id an empty bottle of your favourite scent, preferably one that you can easily remove the pump and a candle stick that firmly fits into the top. These skinny ones fit perfectly. If the perfume bottle has a lid, like the one above, you can place another candle in there too.

My mum placed a little bit of mistletoe on the bottle, it adds a subtle dose of Christmas. Would make a perfect festive decoration for a bedroom or a bathroom, or even a gift for someone with a love for perfume.

This makes for such a personal decoration, that's subtle, feminine and can be used all year round. Have you guys got any ideas for using old perfume bottles? If you try this tweet me a picture to @HarrietRDavison or send me on via Instagram to @harrietrosedavison. I'd love to see them...