Thursday, 4 October 2012

Back to University: Decorative Bookcase

Like many other over eighteens across the UK, I went back to University this week, me being in my second year, I moved out of halls and into a house with 4 other people. I had only seen my future home once, way back in March, but had never actually had a mooch around my new bedroom - it was just like playing furniture roulette. Was I going to have a desk? will I have enough space for all my clothes? Luckily enough, my room was kitted out... not with the most attractive four piece IKEA bedroom set, dark 80's wood, a little bit of wear and tear, but it was what I expected.
Much to my joy, I had a bookcase in my room (sad excited bookcase girl). I study Fashion, so when I make my annual trip back to my University home, along follows the 100+ books and magazines. I really do treasure my books, a lot of them were gifts from Christmas's and Birthday's past and magazine that I'd bought way back in 2008, so I've always liked to have them where I can see them.

I think books and magazines make for great decoration in a room, especially when you're at University. It's hard working with what you've been given in your accommodation to make it feel homely and comfortable, especially when it seams nothing matches or theres not enough space for things.

I've used my bookcase as a place to store things, looking at it more decoratively to brighten up my room and make use of the space. I've stacked books and leant magazines against old tins, creating boxed off sections. Don't see you're storage as a place to only store books, place a fancy pair of shoes onto of your favourite magazine, really utilise it creatively.

I hope this is helpful to any newbies that are starting University, or for anyone else that wants to make their bookcase look a little more exciting. If you give this a go tweet me a picture to @HarrietRDavison, I'd love to see how you've adapted it.

Have you guys got any decorative storage methods? I'd love to know...

Harri xxx


  1. I love books! You have quite the collection!


  2. I'd give anything to have a bookshelf in my house, my boyfriend hates them though so I'm fighting a losing battle at the moment. Yours looks very stylish :) xx

  3. Ahhh your bookcase is lovely, mine is crammed full so there's no room for pretty things. I do put stuff on the top though to mix things up! xxx

  4. you have a good method. i never moved away to uni, i just travelled so i never had the chance to do my own digs. my plan was to find a job after uni (full time) but i've found it hard so I'm back at home now, so is my gf. I've always had to intension to move out so i never properly got around to making my actual home, a home. i have loads of books and mags (though i don't buy magazines like i did when i was at uni, only wallpaper now), what is it with fashion courses!

    1. Thanks Mat, definitely start with a bookcase for all those wallpaper's! x

  5. Just love your bookcase. What fun :)
    xo TJ